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How can I create an account on the Online Challenge?

There is a dedicated page with all info you need, click here!

How can I recover my password ?

Click on FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD in the login page and enter your email (and username. If you cannot remember your username, please contact us, using the button below.)

Is there a way to swap doubles? 

No online swap service is available for this collection.

How do I create my own MyPanini™ personalised card?

There is a dedicated page with all info you need, click here!

What are codes for?

The codes you find on the backside of each card can be used to activate the equivalent digital card in the Adrenalyn XL™ Online Challenge. You can use the player cards to create a team and challenge any user joining the online challenge. You find the rules inside the online game and the dedicated app.

The code on the back of my card does not work..

If you get the card from a swap with your friends, please check if someone else have already activated it. If not, please contact us specifying the code you are trying to enter.

Did you find your answer? If not, contact us at the following link:

Contact us

Please give us all information and details (a picture of the code that seems to be not working, the email you used to sign up, the collection you are interested in, etc...) that can help us to solve your problem quickly.

Thank you!